Yu Jinyoung’s “I’m OK” at Galleria Patricia Armocida

With their gangly bodies and awkward stances, Korean artist Yu Jinyoung’s transparent figures (first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 11) instantly evoke the common feelings of fear and insecurity experienced during adolescence. It’s as if Yu Jinyoung is conjuring a vision of an inner child that has never been healed. The artist currently has a solo show atGalleria Patricia Armocida in Milan, Italy titled “I’m OK,” on view through December 6. The ironic title echoes something we tell ourselves when we are going through pain. Her new series “Wounded” — where grotesque wounds in the characters’ faces are obscured by decorative ornaments — and the previous body of work “A Family in Disguise” are featured in the show along with accompanying drawings and photographs.